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My passion is energy and what we can achieve by utilizing the energy that is available to us in the most efficient and beneficial way to help us on our journey on the Earth plane to achieve the success and happiness that we know deep within that we desire and deserve.

On this journey we may need to clear up limiting beliefs, behaviors, habits and thought patterns, so that we may begin to align mentally and energetically to manifest the success and even enlightenment that we desire.

This is where I can step in to assist you on your journey.

I clear up the limiting beliefs, behaviors, habits, thought patterns, releasing lower frequency energies, blockages, emotions that have built up within the body and energy field overs decades and lifetimes that inhibit you at a subconscious level (e.g. hurt, pain, anger, frustration etc) you may not be aware of.

With these sessions we go down to a cellular level to release these lower frequency energies.  When we  begin to release from cellular and subconscious level, your life begins to change!  There is an art to dealing with the subconscious, as this is a very primitive part of the brain but once programmed in the correct way, you can change your life forever!

This deep form of healing is done via my Crystal Palace Healing Method, which is a combination of energy, intuitive, multi-dimensional healing, hypnosis, visualisation, channeling and NLP to first release and clear, then to begin to empower you in way that will improve all aspects of your life.


It has  been scientifically proven that every living creature contains electromagnetic energy that vibrates at different frequencies.

The higher the frequency in humans, the more elevated are our emotions.  This higher frequency of emotions allows us to resonate to the higher frequencies of Universal Energy, allowing easier and faster access to manifestation provided we are aligned energetically, in our thoughts and beliefs. 


I truly believe that the KEY to SUCCESS on our journey is SELF - AWARENESS.

Become aware of you thoughts, your actions and you will begin to understand where you are as a Conscious Being.

Remember our world is ever-changing, so don't be afraid of change, change is good.

The Universe is always conspiring to help us, so it's up to you to ALLOW the good to flow into your life.

Treatments Available :

online and remote sessions only

in person sessions are no longer available

  • My signature session, Crystal Palace Healing Method

  • Past Life Regression

  • Channeled Hypnosis

  • Reiki

  • Blockage Removal

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Goal Setting

  • Metamorphic Technique 

  • Distant Healing


To find out more about what each session involves click HERE

Group Webinars

Once a month I hold a group webinar, focusing on a particular topic e.g, Clearing Abundance blocks.

During the 1.5 hour session I will call in my spiritual team, focusing on multi-dimensional, energy and intuitive healing to clear up subconscious blockages and bring in energy and empowerment into the groups physical and emotional bodies.

The healing is approximately an hour, with Questions and Answer session after the healing.

Click HERE to see past topics and upcoming webinars.

  ".... I felt a huge weight lift off me after my first session, and it was pretty overwhelming. I am back to being my optimistic self and I've since had another session which was euphoric for want of a better word......" - Claire

For further success stories 

 "The healing treatments that I have received from Shivani; both personally and distant healing have been the most powerful I have ever had.... Physical problems likes aches and pains have disappeared, allergies and symptoms of PMS have also calmed down...  My own connection with the spiritual realm has become stronger..." - Jayna


"... I knew I need outside help to remove the blockages to let the energy flow again... she not only gave me feedback on things I should work on but also a lot of useful information about spiritual growth and meditation. When I left her house I was different. I knew things shifted and more changes were on the way. And those positive changes happened quicker than I expected. I have a clarity of what I want to achieve in my life. I am happy again and most of all soon after I met a wonderful man who is now my boyfriend. I've had a second session with Shivani and things just getting better and better. I can't tell you enough how much she has changed my life for better. I have recommended her to my friends and two of them had their sessions with Shivani. Both of them experience great positive changes and new doors opening in their life. For me Shivani is an Angel sent from heaven." - Diana 40 from Putney


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