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Awaken the Goddess within 

Welcome to Infinitude Self-Care, where we offer spiritual healing and coaching services that will help you discover your true potential. As a natural intuitive and empath, I understand the importance of taking care of yourself and finding inner peace. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!


Unlock the power of your inner feminine energy with our Intuitive Healing service. Our healing will help you to heal and release the limitations that may be holding you back in life. Our approach is designed specifically for women who are ready to activate their feminine goddess energy and tap into their full potential.

After all creating from the Feminine is much more fun, easy and natural for us.


Feedback from some of my clients (For more stories hit the Success Stories tab)
Girl with Arms Stretched Out

I have been working with Shivani for a year and a half and seen amazing results within myself and great changes in my life with her Cellular Crystal Healing.

I recently took part in a three day short energetic alignment course. Over the three days Shivani and I connected remotely and worked over the three 15 minute sessions to put me back in the correct alignment.

My energetic spine was out of place and my energy was scattered which Shivani likened to a ‘Bobble Head’! I could definitely feel I was out.

The few days after we had completed the course, I felt my eyesight change to super bright. Like it’s never been before. It was incredible, the brightest and sharpest colours I’d ever seen in my life. It’s stayed with me since! Like a fog has lifted.

I have definitely sharpened my intuition and find it easier to work with what I am feeling inside. Telling if someone or something is ‘off’ as well as following my own guidance without the doubts creeping in.

I feel much more authentic as a person since these sessions as I have been aligning with who I actually am. As it was snapped in so quickly I felt the results almost instantly.

As always, some deep held emotions of all kinds rose to the surface gradually too but once they are acknowledged and worked on there is a clarity that is wonderful.


I highly recommend these sessions!


Thanks so much to Shivani. She really is so talented and I’m so grateful to be working with her. - Debbie

Star Confetti

I was recommended to have energy healing with Shivani by a close friend of mine and I am

so glad that I have found her.

I have just had my third session and each time I feel lighter in myself.  

It's such an amazing spiritual experience and my back nerve pains have improved, most of all I'm determined to heal my heart from past pain and release anger and energy blocks.

This is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.  It is beneficial for my physical, mental and emotional well being.

Shivani is so very gifted and very understanding of my personal needs.

I love how I can feel the energy releasing from my body and I feel an angelic fluffy energy whilst having a session with her.

I have a long way to go in healing and I am very much enjoying the spiritual experience.

I cannot imagine my life without this healing now and the first session with Shivani saved me.  I am truly grateful. - J

Dancing in Park


I was lucky enough to find Shivani by Googling energy healers in my local area.  I was finding myself stuck and unable to clear blocks alone and wanted some professional help.

I really liked the look of Shivani and her talents and experience as an intuitive healer really appealed to me.

I was particularly drawn to her connection with other realms. 

Shivani replied to my enquiry straight away and after a chat on the phone I knew INSTANTLY that Shivani was the right person to help me.

​I started my first session with a cold which cleared straight after!  I also had a long term hip problem and where I would have pain by the end of the day and sometimes it 'gave way' as it was weak.  This went, never to return after my first session!  I found out it was stored emotions and not just wear and tear from years of exercise!  Amazing results!

I have had four sessions with Shivani so far with another booked for next week which I can't wait for. 

I have shifted so much energetic gunge within my system and can feel myself becoming lighter every day.

I have shifted old habits and adopted new healthier ones with ease.  I have become more aware of myself as a spirit having a human experience.  I am more environmentally aware and making positive changes to help the planet and every living thing on it!

It's incredible how talented Shivani is.

After a throat chakra cleanse I found my voice instantly and had a new , dream job within a week!

Amazing results and it's only the beginning!

​Shivani is a wonderful person and I feel so lucky that I have her in my life and on my side.  I have recommended Shivani to a good friend of mine who has also seen incredible results.  We are both addicted and will be keeping the sessions going to see what else we can achieve!

​It's a wonderful feeling of bliss.  I have never felt like this before.  The energy shows up in spots to be cleared and Shivani has been spot on every time with my issues!   Even clearing past life traumas.

​Shivani is an incredible talent, I wish everyone in the world could have sessions with her as it certainly would become a far better place. - Debbie C

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