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What is Cellular Crystal Energy Healing Method?

This process was guided to Shivani by her Spiritual Team


What happens during a session?

  • Total session is 90 min session, includes consultation time before and after the session, done via audio call

  • Client lies down relaxing in a quiet room, having a blanket to cover as the body temperature will lower during the session

  • We will have 5-10 minute consultation to see where you are at and to discuss if there is anything in particular you would like to work on during the session

  • You receive a 10 - 15 minute energy clearing and intuitive assessment of your energy

  • You are then guided through a visualisation process of deep healing based on your assessment and anything else that comes up during the session

  • Some clients do fall asleep during the sessions, but this does not matter when multi-dimensional and subconscious work is taking place

  • Each session will be unique based on the energy scan each time

  • Shivani will then give you feedback and perhaps even a little homework to help you move through things faster


These can be done in packages:

  • 3 - clearing of lower frequency energy within the cellular system and starting to feel empowered   

  • 6 - Huge shifts in energy, mind set, habits and behaviours and feel very empowered 

  • 9  - Massive changes in all aspects of life


  • Removes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages

  • Removes blockages from this lifetime and even past lifetimes

  • Releases old thoughts patterns, behaviors, habits  and belief systems that may be limiting you 

  • These blockages and limitations get stored within the cellular system and it is released from this cellular system

  • Client feels lighter after a session

  • Body is infused with positive high frequency energy

  • Rejuvenate the body from a cellular level

  • Balance chakras

  • Instill new empowering beliefs and thought patterns resulting in changes in behaviors and habits naturally

  • Neurological re-patterning 

  • Growing sense of purpose and inner strength

  • Sense of greater inner freedom, ease and flow; a sense of coming home 

  • Your energy field becomes stronger and you are less affected by outside    energy and influences

  • Tapping into crystal energy to significantly boost releasing, clearing and healing

  • Begin to perceive situations differently (i.e. more positive outlook)

  • Begin to respond to people, situations and circumstances positively

  • Have a big picture outlook on life, as if seeing your life path from above

  • Have greater clarity in your decisions, and in life generally

  • Treating Depression and Anxiety


Single session     £ 165

3 Sessions           £ 475

6 Sessions           £ 905

9 Sessions           £ 1320

What is Blockage Removal?

What happens during the session:

  • 60 min session done via audio call

  • Prior to your session, you will be asked to select 2-3 main block that you would like to work through during the session

  • Please inform Shivani of these blocks prior to your session

  • During the session you will lie on the therapy bed fully clothed, there will be background music that will begin your relaxation process

  • Shivani will then lead you through a process where you connect with the block within your body, we explore emotions and memories associated with the block, and we eventually release it out of your energy

  • We only work with 2-3 blocks as we want to ensure the blocks you have selected are cleared and we may end up repeating the process several times if necessary


  • Client feels lighter after a session, like a weight being lifted off

  • Big release of specific emotions related to the block 

  • Once blocks have been removed, you will begin to notice self-sabotaging  behaviors diminish

  • Body is infused with positive high frequency energy

  • Client feels very relaxed

  • Life begins to flow more easily


Single session       £ 100

3 Sessions             £  285

6 Sessions             £ 540

What are Alignment and Alignment with Rejuvenation Sessions?

 These are short potent sessions.


What happens during the session:

  • These are 15/20 minute remote sessions

  • All you have to do is sit down or lie down with your spine straight

  • I will connect to you remotely, and align your energy to the earth, grounding you 

  • Clear your energy using 2 elemental energies

  • With Rejuvenation - I add a different frequency of energy into the body to increase Telomere length and to keep the cells within the body youthful reversing signs of aging 

  • I  will then align the energy along the spine (this is the energy that connects heaven and earth)

  • Align the energy through the crown to your Higher Self

  • Align your  Higher Self to Source 

  • I will also be giving you an exercise to do daily the maximise the effect of the session.



  • Feeling present and in your body

  • More energised

  • Greater focus

  • Allows you to achieve more in a single day without being tired

  • Creating a stronger connection to your higher self (over soul) thereby receiving clearer guidance

  • Being more open to receive Divine guidance

  • A feeling/sense of feeling more whole

  • A sense of coming home

  • Feeling more connected to the Universe thereby being able to be a better manifestor

  • Looking and feeling much more youthful and vibrant

Alignment Packages :                               

3 Sessions              £ 88                                     

6 Sessions              £ 165                                     

9 Sessions              £ 235                                    

Alignment + Rejuvenation Packages:

3 Sessions              £ 105

6 Sessions              £ 200

9 Sessions              £ 285

What is Channeled Hypnosis?

What  happens during a process?

  • You receive a 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your intention for the hypnosis session, what you want to work through and your final outcome and the actual session

  • Shivani will then tap into your energy field and write a script based on the consultation together with any information that is "channeled through"

  • During the actual session, you will lay on the bed and will be taken into a deep hypnotic state bypassing the conscious mind to the subconscious mind where we can begin bringing about changes that will greatly benefit you.


  • When Shivani taps into clients energy while writing the hypnosis  script, she may find issues that lie deeper within the subconscious that the client may be unaware of 

  • Due to Shivani's abilities as an energy and intuitive healer, during the

  • Session, if she feels that there is resistance at a subconscious level to release  energy, old beliefs and thought patterns, Shivani is able to step in  energetically to help you release so that the desired result can be achieved faster

  • Hypnosis can be used to treat various conditions such as phobias, fear, anxiety,  stress, procrastination, evening tapping into your Higher Self to get answers to questions you may have

  • Hypnosis activates a deep relaxation within the body and reduces sympathetic nervous system activity, decreasing blood pressure and heart rate and accelerates healing

  • Puts you back in control of your life, body and relationships

  • You are in total control of your hypnotic state

  • The unconscious / subconscious core beliefs and behaviors are influenced


Single Session     £ 180

3 Sessions            £  511

What is Past Life Regression?

What happens during a session?

  • Telephone consultation to discuss the purpose of the past life regression

  • Client lays on the bed and is guided into a deep hypnotic state and we begin to explore a specific past lifetime or lifetimes with an intended purpose

  • 60 minute session


  • It can help you unlock your full potential

  • Unlock hidden talents

  • It can help you realize the purpose for incarnating i.e. certain lessons to be      learnt

  • Clear physical and emotional blockages

  • Helps you to understand your relationships

  • Helps to satisfy your curiosity

  • It can help overcome fear of death


Single Session   £ 135

3 Sessions          £ 390

What is Distant Healing ?

What happens during this session?

  • 30 or 60 session done remotely 

  • I would recommend this more for physical issues like pain etc.



  • Reduce physical ailments

  • Clears energy

  • Infuses body with high frequency energy

  • Receive subtle shifts in emotions


30 min:                                                          

Single session      £ 50                                   

3 Sessions            £ 140                                  

6 Sessions            £ 270                                 


60 min:                             

Single session     £ 90

3 Sessions            £ 255

6 Sessions            £ 485

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