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What is Crystal Cellular Energy Healing Method?

This process was created by Shivani.


So what happens during a session?

  • Client lies down relaxing in a quiet room, having a blanket to cover as your body temperature will lower during the session

  • We will have 5-10 minute consultation to see where you are at and to discuss if there is anything in particular you would like to work on during the session

  • You receive a 10 - 15 minute energy clearing and intuitive assessment of your energy

  • You are then guided through a visualisation process of deep healing based on your assessment and anything else that comes up during the session

  • Many clients do fall asleep during the sessions, but this does not matter when multi-dimensional and subconscious work is taking place

  • Each session will be unique based on the energy scan each time

  • Shivani will then give you feedback and perhaps even a little homework to help you move to through things faster

  • Total session is 90 min session, includes consultation time before and after the session


  • Removes emotional, physical and spiritual blockages

  • Removes blockages from this lifetime and even past lifetimes

  • Removes all blockages from cellular level

  • Releases old thoughts patterns, behaviors, habits  and belief systems that are no longer serving you

  • Client feels lighter after a session

  • Body is infused with positive high frequency energy

  • Rejuvenate the body from a cellular level

  • Balance chakras

  • Instill new empowering beliefs and thought patterns resulting in changes in behaviors and habits naturally

  • Neurological re-patterning 

  • Growing sense of purpose and inner strength

  • Sense of greater inner freedom, ease and flow; a sense of coming home 

  • Your energy field becomes stronger and you are less affected by outside            energy and influences

  • Tapping into crystal energy to significantly boost releasing, clearing and healing

  • Begin to perceive situations differently (i.e. more positive outlook)

  • Begin to respond to people, situations and circumstances positively

  • Have a big picture outlook on life, as if seeing your life path from above

  • Have greater clarity in your decisions, and in life generally

  • Treating Depression and Anxiety

What is Reiki?

So what happens during a session?

  • Client lies fully clothed on therapy bed, covered with a blanket

  • Client begins to relax listening, to background Sound therapy using high frequency music

  • Shivani will then tap into Higher Source Energy and direct this into your body to bring about relief in physical pain and release of emotions

  • Shivani will place or hover her hands on different parts of the body depending on whether your session is for specific physical healing or chakra healing and balancing

  • Shivani will then give you feedback and perhaps even a little homework to help you move to through things faster

  • Total session is either 40 minute session, includes 5 minute consultation before and after session or 75 minutes with 15 minute consultation


  • Client feels very relaxed

  • Release of emotional, physical and spiritual blockages 

  • Client feels lighter after a session

  • Body is infused with positive high frequency energy

  • Balance chakras  

  • Cells are rejuvenated

  • Reiki can be used to treat Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Heart Disease,          Cancer, Infertility, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Autism, Chrohn's disease, Fatigue Syndromes

What is Blockage Removal?

What happens during the session:

  • Prior to your session, you will be asked to select 2-3 main block that you would like to work through during the session

  • Please inform Shivani of these blocks prior to your session

  • During the session you will lie on the therapy bed fully clothed, there will be background music that will begin your relaxation process

  • Shivani will then lead you through a process where you connect with the block within your body, we explore emotions and memories associated with the block, and we eventually release it out of your energy

  • We only work with 2-3 blocks as we want to ensure the blocks you have selected are cleared and we may end up repeating the process several times if necessary


  • Client feels lighter after a session, like a weight being lifted off

  • Big release of specific emotions related to the block 

  • Once blocks have been removed, you will begin to notice self-sabotaging  behaviors diminish

  • Body is infused with positive high frequency energy

  • Client feels very relaxed

  • Life begins to flow more easily

What is Metamorphic Technique?

What happens during a session?

  • Light touch on the sides of the feet, hands and head

  • These points correspond to the prenatal time i.e. our time in the womb

  • The belief is that during these formative nine months, our patterns of being, become established, and are later played out (often unconsciously) in our lives

  • These parts of the body are seen as extensions of centre of our communication with the world; moving (feet), doing (hands) and thinking (head)

  • There are points on the feet and hands which corresponds to your relationship with your mother, father and ancestral lineage

  • We are all born with a blue print for our life, like a seed in the ground that knows what tree or plant it will grow up to be, in the same way we have our plan of what to do in this life, but as we go through life many things can edge us off the path, these sessions re-activate this blue print that you initally came in with 

  • Sessions are 60 minutes and are wonderfully relaxing


  • Heal and remove unwanted patterns or triggers

  • Clears patterns that are not serving you with both your mother and father

  • Clears ancestral lineage

  • Activation of the blue print of your life

  • More confidence in moving forward in life

  • Letting go of past hurts

  • Growing sense of purpose and inner strength

  • Sense of greater inner freedom, ease and flow; a sense of coming home to oneself

What is Channeled Hypnosis?

What  happens during a process?

  • You receive a 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your intention for the hypnosis session, what you want to work through and your final outcome

  • Shivani will then tap into your energy field and write a script based on the consultation together with any information that is "channeled through"

  • During the actual session, you will lay on the bed and will be taken into a deep hypnotic state bypassing the conscious mind to the subconscious mind where we can begin bringing about changes that will greatly benefit you.

  • 60 minute session


  • When Shivani taps into clients energy while writing the hypnosis  script, she may find issues that lie deeper within the subconscious that the client may be unaware of 

  • Due to Shivani's abilities as an energy and intuitive healer, during the

  • Session, if she feels that there is resistance at a subconscious level to release  energy, old beliefs and thought patterns, Shivani is able to step in                        energetically to help you release so that the desired result can be achieved faster

  • Hypnosis can be used to treat various conditions such as phobias, fear, anxiety,  stress, procrastination, evening tapping into your Higher Self to get answers to questions you may have

  • Hypnosis activates a deep relaxation within the body and reduces sympathetic nervous system activity, decreasing blood pressure and heart rate and accelerates healing

  • Puts you back in control of your life, body and relationships

  • You are in total control of your hypnotic state

  • The unconscious / subconscious core beliefs and behaviors are influenced

  • Cost-effective in that usually 1 - 6 sessions is required and its effect may life - lasting

What is Past Life Regression?

What happens during a session?

  • Telephone consultation to discuss the purpose of the past life regression

  • Client lays on the bed and is guided into a deep hypnotic state and we begin to explore a specific past lifetime or lifetimes with an intended purpose

  • 60 minute session


  • It can help you unlock your full potential

  • Unlock hidden talents

  • It can help you realize the purpose for incarnating i.e. certain lessons to be      learnt

  • Clear physical and emotional blockages

  • Helps you to understand your relationships

  • Helps to satisfy your curiosity

  • It can help overcome fear of death

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