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Awaken the Goddess within 



           Online and remote sessions only  

  • Reiki (remote)

  • Dragon Reiki (remote)

  • Goal Setting

  • Distant Intuitive Healing (remote)



Success Stories 

I was recommended to have energy healing with Shivani by a close friend of mine and I am so glad that I have found her.

I have just had my third session and each time I feel lighter in myself.  

It's such an amazing spiritual experience and my back nerve pains have improved, most of all I'm determined to heal my heart from past pain and release anger and energy blocks.

This is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.  It is beneficial for my physical, mental and emotional well being.

Shivani is so very gifted and very understanding of my personal needs.

I love how I can feel the energy releasing from my body and I feel an angelic fluffy energy whilst having a session with her.

I have a long way to go in healing and I am very much enjoying the spiritual experience.

I cannot imagine my life without this healing now and the first session with Shivani saved me.  I am truly grateful. - J

I was lucky enough to find Shivani by Googling energy healers in my local area.  I was finding myself stuck and unable to clear blocks alone and wanted some professional help.

I really liked the look of Shivani and her talents and experience as an intuitive healer really appealed to me.

I was particularly drawn to her connection with other realms. 

Shivani replied to my enquiry straight away and after a chat on the phone I knew INSTANTLY that Shivani was the right person to help me.

I started my first session with a cold which cleared straight after!  I also had a long term hip problem and where I would have pain by the end of the day and sometimes it 'gave way' as it was weak.  This went, never to return after my first session!  I found out it was stored emotions and not just wear and tear from years of exercise!  Amazing results!

I have had four sessions with Shivani so far with another booked for next week which I can't wait for. 

I have shifted so much energetic gunge within my system and can feel myself becoming lighter every day.

I have shifted old habits and adopted new healthier ones with ease.  I have become more aware of myself as a spirit having a human experience.  I am more environmentally aware and making positive changes to help the planet and every living thing on it!

It's incredible how talented Shivani is.

After a throat chakra cleanse I found my voice instantly and had a new , dream job within a week!

Amazing results and it's only the beginning!

Shivani is a wonderful person and I feel so lucky that I have her in my life and on my side.  I have recommended Shivani to a good friend of mine who has also seen incredible results.  We are both addicted and will be keeping the sessions going to see what else we can achieve!

It's a wonderful feeling of bliss.  I have never felt like this before.  The energy shows up in spots to be cleared and Shivani has been spot on every time with my issues!   Even clearing past life traumas.

Shivani is an incredible talent, I wish everyone in the world could have sessions with her as it certainly would become a far better place. - Debbie C

I have been a client of Shivani's for a year - having had some amazing face-to-face healing sessions, I must admit I was hesitant to try distant healing as I was unsure how Shivani would be able to 'tap into me' from such a distance.  Anyhow I booked a session and believe me: it was no different to being on a couch next to her.

Shivani kept me updated on when she was starting and gave very clear instructions to follow in order for the healing, to work. 

The experience was phenomenal and in fact I felt this session really went deep, as I was so much more relaxed in the comfort of my home.

I have now signed up for monthly sessions, as I believe it's so important to cleanse our chakras regularly to maintain all the hard work Shivani does.  I have made many recommendations of Shivani and her services but most importantly Shivani's personality and approach is so respectful she makes having these sessions a doddle. - Pinks

I went to see Shivani during a period in my life when I felt stagnated and was unsure about what I was missing.
Shivani has great intuition and perception into the human condition. She could tune into my psyche and could express better what I was feeling than I could myself..
Shivani’s Crystal Palace method is deeply effective and yields exceptional results. Soon after the beginning of my sessions I was more perceptive of my body and was better equipped to deal with and release stagnated emotions. I emerged from the treatment with a greater understanding of myself. 
Shivani is a very powerful and caring healer who made sure that I received the tools I needed for the next chapter in my life. I am grateful to have her as a companion and a guide on this journey. - Nat, Finchley

 "The healing treatments that I have received from Shivani; both personally and distant healing have been the most powerful I have ever had. She works on all levels and intuitively knows where healing is required. Physical problems likes aches and pains have disappeared, allergies and symptoms of PMS have also calmed down. She also works on an emotional and spiritual level which makes the healing journey even more magical. My own connection with the spiritual realm has become stronger.I definitely recommend and will be back for more. Thank you for transforming my life with your special gift." - Jayna

  ".... I felt a huge weight lift off me after my first session, and it was pretty overwhelming. I am back to being my optimistic self and I've since had another session which was euphoric for want of a better word......" - Claire

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"... I knew I need outside help to remove the blockages to let the energy flow again... she not only gave me feedback on things I should work on but also a lot of useful information about spiritual growth and meditation. When I left her house I was different. I knew things shifted and more changes were on the way. And those positive changes happened quicker than I expected. I have a clarity of what I want to achieve in my life. I am happy again and most of all soon after I met a wonderful man who is now my boyfriend. I've had a second session with Shivani and things just getting better and better. I can't tell you enough how much she has changed my life for better. I have recommended her to my friends and two of them had their sessions with Shivani. Both of them experience great positive changes and new doors opening in their life. For me Shivani is an Angel sent from heaven." - Diana 40 from Putney


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