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Meditation Classes

There are 2 venues available:

Tuesday Classes will be held at Bannister Sports Centre (BSC),                                                               Uxbridge Rd, Harrow HA3 6SW

Thursday Classes will be held at Primrose Hill Community Library (PHCL),                                               14 Sharples Hall St, Primrose Hill, London NW1 8YN

Balancing Masculine Energy

In this session we will bring the energy into balance, that is the Masculine and Feminine energy within, the Yin and Yang.

As we accept situations and balance this energy internally we then go externally to all relationships, romantic and platonic, with family and friends to explore, balance and heal the Masculine Energy externally, i.e. healing the masculine energy with others we are connected to.

During this meditation we will look for any repetitive patterns with the masculine and clear these across all time, space and dimensions. I will guide our Energy bodies to go to a specific planet in the Universe where we focus on specific parts of our body where the masculine energy resides, receiving greater awareness and clearing what needs to be released, we will then meet our spirit animal who will guide us back to Source Energy to help us receive a deeper release and bring us back into Divine alignment and open us up to the Divine Masculine connection.


Balancing and Activating Feminine Energy

In this guided meditation we call in different Goddess to help us clear and release deep seeded beliefs, behaviors, habits, thought patterns that are part of the feminine energy that is no longer serving us in the new planetary energy that we are currently living in.

We embrace and strengthen the Feminine energy within, allowing us to open up to receive greater abundance on all levels, from love, money and greater ease in life. Aligning with the energy of flow and soon you will notice how easily your life begins to flow.

We will balance the Masculine and Feminine energy.  

This is a very powerful meditation and does NOT only apply to females so Men are most welcome at this session.

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