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When tuning into the collective energy I was guided to provide a space for people to release, clear and heal anger, resentment and disappointments within the body. The reason why I was guided to cover this is because many individuals are having more phyiscal illness and dis-ease within the body as a result of stress that can be caused due to very old deep seeded anger that has buried deep within the subconcious mind and cellular system.                                                             I am receiving a very clear message to heal these deep emotions collectively to ease up the burden on our evolving bodies.                                                                                      Anger causes stress leadings to a list of dis-ease within the body, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney problems and cancer to name a few.  


For this webinar once paid please contact me at for the link to watch the webinar.  I have had some technical issues and I am unble to upload the video                      

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