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Hello  and thank you

for  stepping into your power and wanting to take action to release old behaviours, habits, belief systems 

and wanting to be the creator of your own life.

It's so exciting to take back your power and move forward in a way that is empowering to you.

Full in your details below and I will be in touch to set up our FREE consultation.

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(these results are just the tip of the ice-berg!!!

There are so many benefits and this will vary upon where you are on your journey)

  • You will feel much lighter

  • Happier

  • Relaxed

  • Behaviors and habits change automatically due to neural re-patterning

  • Achieving goals faster and easily

  • Feel in alignment 

  • Energy field begins to get stronger

  • All aspects of life begin to change in a positive way

  • Feel more connected with your soul

  • Increased intuition

  • Feel more grounded and secure within yourself and life

  • Passion/zest for life is renewed


Shivani has a beautiful and natural relationship working with energy.  She is able to tune in and work with you at a deeper level..having met many reiki and energy healers over the years, Shivani stands out is by far operating at another level.

Her warm, engaging, vibrant personality makes every session a true adventure of self discovery and healing.

I recommend her wholeheartedly. - JB Pinner

"I was recommended Shivani by a friend and it was the best decision I have ever made. I was struggling, lost and locked inside emotionally for 2 years, which was new for me and I didn't know where to turn. I felt a huge weight lift off me after my first session, and it was pretty overwhelming. I am back to being my optimistic self and I've since had another session which was euphoric for want of a better word. I was quite skeptical prior to meeting Shivani but the results speak for themselves. I don't know how to thank Shivani enough but I hope my testimony is a start to show how much I appreciate what she has done for me." - Claire

"I will never forget how I felt after my first session with Shivani. I felt immediately happier and lighter! She knew exactly the areas where I needed help and it was like someone finally understood me!As soon as you step in her house there is a feeling of calmness which really resonates within you. I highly recommend seeing Shivani you will be a better person for it." - Meera

 "I first heard about Shivani's therapies through a colleague at work (December 2015), who had worked with her. I was intrigued by what they had said and I quickly wanted to learn more, so I contacted Shivani and she was so warm, kind and genuine, that I visited her website as soon as I got home that evening. As I read more and more about Shivani (other people's testimonies and her array of skills), I knew I had to book a session. I booked an energy healing session, as the new year was coming up, and I was definitely in need of some rejuvenating, in order to move forward with great meaning and purpose. To my surprise the session was truly amazing, Shivani is such a lovely person, that I felt at ease throughout the session. After the session a lot more things just seemed to 'click' and flow better for me. I felt so good that I booked another session within a couple weeks, as I felt this would really benefit me further. Which it has, I have started writing a children's story book, while on my long journey's home, which I've wanted to do for over 3 years now. It's as if I have so much more energy and feel energised on a more creative level, which for me as a creative person, is what I dream for on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend Shivani to my friends and family, and will definitely be booking further sessions in the near future. Thank you so much Shivani." - Jay

"Recently I booked an appointment with Shivani...My experience with Shivani at her beautiful house was wonderful. As soon as I came in contact with her energy, I started to feel calm. During the entire session I could feel the energy flowing through out and felt harmony in mind, body and spirit. I am very grateful that Shivani could understand and work with some of the important issues I was dealing with.  She offered her support when I needed it most. Shivani's wisdom and knowledge are profound.  I truly recommend Shivani to all lovely people to receive a blessed healing session." - Ritu

"I initially went to Shivani to heal all the negativity I was harbouring from a toxic relationship. During the second session however, the healing moved deeper and on to a more personal level and after 3 sessions I realized I had gained much more than I intended. A lot of the anger, resentment and issues started to fade but I also learnt things about myself - mainly that I do have the strength to be positive and open and that good things will come my way. I highly recommend Shivani, she has a very powerful gift."  - Rox

"The healing treatments that I have received from Shivani; both personally and distant healing have been the most powerful I have ever had. She works on all levels and intuitively knows where healing is required. Physical problems likes aches and pains have disappeared, allergies and symptoms of PMS have also calmed down.  She also works on an emotional and spiritual level which makes the healing journey even more magical.  My own connection with the spiritual realm has become stronger.  I definitely recommend and will be back for more. Thank you for transforming my life with your special gift." - Jayna

"The situation before we started to work together was I was feeling stressed and quite anxious about various aspects of my life which was leading me to think negative thoughts.

I was feeling nervous opening up to someone I hadn't met and was unsure of how the process would help me and what to expect from the sessions.

You made me feel very relaxed, welcomed and reassured. You treated me with a very professional but compassionate manner.

The best result for me working with you is that my life has improved not only on a personal level with relationships with people, but also career wise.

I have a new job and new horizons to look forward to.  All in all I feel really strong and positive about the future." - Bee

"I think you really unveiled a problem I had, I didn't even realise I had.

And in the session just now that 'bad' energy was all related to her and those times, how we broke up.

I thought I was well over that, but I think now, that I become colder when it comes to accepting love or loving gestures. 

I really didn't realise that was an issue I had, until this.

I definitely feel like something has left me."  - Jay

 "Having been through many ups and downs in life, I had felt quite lost and difficult to make sense of the many bumpy roads that I had gone through. This all changed when I had consulted Shivani. She is a very empathetic person with a sixth sense for the various negative energies that affected me. I had found her to be a very patient person who made the effort to listen and understand my situation in life. Her advice has been like a ray of sunshine and she has guided me on my spiritual journey to realise my true potential and my destiny. If you are looking for someone to help you on your spiritual path, I would highly recommend her services." - Hitesh

"I would like to share my healing experience ... I knew I needed outside help to remove the blockages to let the energy flow again.  My healing session took about an hour but that wasn't all...she gave me feedback on things I should work on and also a lot of useful information about spiritual growth and meditation. When I left her house I was different.

I knew things shifted and more changes were on the way.  And those positive changes happened quicker than I expected.  I have a clarity of what I want to achieve in my life. I am happy again and most of all soon after I met a wonderful man who is now my boyfriend. I've had a second session with Shivani and things just getting better and better.

I can't tell you enough how much she has changed my life for better. I have recommended her to my friends and two of them had their sessions with Shivani. Both of them experience great positive changes and new doors opening in their life. For me Shivani is an Angel sent from heaven." - Diana

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