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Terms and Conditions

Welcome and thank you for signing up for the Live Monthly Event.


Here are some definitions of terms for this agreement:

‘You’ – You as the personal customer participating in the group program. 

‘I’ - Shivani Thakersee of Infinitude Self-Care

'Event' - Date and time of Specific Monthly session


Payment is to be received before monthly session date.

Unable to attend the event

If you are unable to attend the event that payment has been made for, 24 hour notice must be provided; and you may attend another event within 3 months of payment or may allow another person of your choice to attend the event you paid for.

If 24 hour notice has not been received unfortunately you may not re-schedule or receive a refund.

The Event

The session is approximately 60 minutes and may run over if I feel that more time is needed to clear up any blocked emotions from what I intuitively pick up from the group attending the call.

Being hydrated before sessions allows for a deeper healing.

Even if you do not experience any sensations, this does not mean it is not working. 

Results may vary on individuals depending on their emotional and physical state. This type of healing, works on subtle levels and if you are a sensitive person you may feel the energy flowing through the body, you may have visions, random memories, see colours etc.



Energy healing, meditation, hypnosis, and visualisation is holistic and and complementary in nature. It is not of a diagnostic or curative approach. Energy healing, meditation and any of the information or services offered on this site are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment by a licensed health care professional.  If you are physically or mentally ill,  you should consult an appropriate licensed health care professional and you may use this as a complementary tool. You should only employ energy healing therapy with your health care worker’s knowledge, and should never discontinue any treatment or medication prescribed by your licensed health care provider. 

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