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Life Clearing Workshop

This is a wonderful  technique that can be used to clear every single year of life all the way until the point to before you entering your mother's womb.  

We start with the current year and work our ways backward.

✓ Heal all family members' inner child issues plus clients’ professionally

✓ Learn processes to heal your own and others’ inner child issues and trauma

✓ Keep clearing new things that come up month on month

✓ Children can also be healed!


​• Mind energy and Stored energy 

• Types of Trauma in Detail

• Habits imbibed during childhood by inner consciousness (Chittam Sanskaram an Balak)

• Womb healing (Garbhashay Shuddhi)

• Ancestral issues

• FEARS - Friend or Foe

• Bubble Boundaries

• Healthy Shields

• Live Case Studies

Learn processes to heal your own and others’ inner child issues and trauma

• Block healing and releasing system from Conscious and Unconscious mind

• Transform 3D to 5D energies 

• Attunement with AA Haniel, Michael, Gabriel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Raphael and Lord Melchizedek and Metatron


• Cleansing, Healing, Balancing, Healing Pain and Trauma and Less than God energies and Grounding

• Healing all trauma, pent-up anger from all years of your life

• Healing from Karmic board members 

• Womb healing

I will show you how you can also use this technique for specific patterns that you are running you have noticed.

This is a 5 hour workshop that is split over 2 days.
The first session we will focus on the theory and some practical aspects of how to feel the energy  and getting familiar techniques.  We will then go through a practical of releasing one pattern that you are fimiliar with that has been repeating for you.

In the 2nd session we will go through  2-3 years of life clearing from your current age and have Q & A session.

Date to be confirmed May - August 2023

Who is this program for?

This offering is aligned for sensitive, soulful women who are ready, willing and able to do the inner and spiritual work 

What happens after I join?

How long is the program?

How long is each session?

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, email us at 
and we'll set you up with a PayPal payment link. 


Is there a payment plan?

Because we provide immediate access to the entire program upon purchase, a payment plan option is not available.


Do you offer refunds?

No, payments are non-refundable per our terms of service.  Ensure you are familiar and resonant with my style, and are fully committed to yourself and the program before your join. You can watch my free Love Goddess and Manifest Your King masterclasses to get a feel for my style. You can email us below if you have any questions before joining. 



Have another question? 

Email us at


Love & Support Yourself on your journey

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